Meet the designer


Founder Kate McLaughlin brings architectural design, a love of jewellery, and a never-ending search for simplicity to the creation of every piece of Align Jewellery. After studying architecture at Edinburgh College of Art and a decade long architectural career; Kate’s design method and aesthetic values became so deeply embedded during her architectural years that it’s proved impossible to shake off, and is now the core of Align Jewellery.


The flip side of this, and the true joy of jewellery design, is that these pieces can be worn by anyone; that stark white magazine lifestyle is absolutely not required. A simple angled ring or earring can be styled a hundred different ways; when you wear a piece of Align Jewellery age, size and gender are irrelevant. Everyone can welcome a little slice of minimalism into to their lives, regardless of how messy real life is!


Kate and the Align Jewellery studio are based in Perth, Scotland. Where Kate day-dreams of a life straight out of the pages of an interior design magazine – the one’s where there’s more empty space than furniture and kitchens don’t seem to have any utensils, just one strategically placed designer kettle (!) While obviously, no one real can actually live like this, and the perfect monochrome capsule wardrobe still proves completely impossible for Kate, the desire to bring a small slice of this crisp minimalism into her world drives the Align Jewellery designs. Every piece of jewellery is simple and paired back, each piece would be right at home on a true minimalist’s dressing table.